Monday, 25 October 2010

My Breakfast This Morning

A glass of low fat milk with Kellog's corn flake...yes glass (i do not have bowl!)
and 2 Rafaello...(guilty!) (^.~)

and the weighing machine start to lie to me again...heheee...

and hoping to eat sunsweet prunes for snack, but I left them in the car..So a NO! NO! snack for this morning..LAPAR...

Oh and the nurse make me a jug of ice Milo..just for me. Thanks!..Sedap!

I've been busy

Salam, Hye there...
I know it had been a long time since the last post on this blog. I had been busy trying to complete my work on my day basis. I still got the passion to cook, but I guess time is really limited for me right now. 

But still I had manage to buy a jug and a set of glasses. Oh and not forgotton a set of spoon and fork. Lime in color. I don't know why? somehow I attracted to this color. Fluorescent Lime. Irresistible. Actually I kind of hard to choose between that color and the bright orange sunkist color. Hmmm but finally I picked Lime. 

I also had my eye on the Visions and Tefal cookware, but then...I got this second thought. I have some other things I need to put my priority on. So maybe next time. And plus it is so hard to choose. I don't know which one do I need? So I hold on to my thought thinking there'll be next time and next pay day. Hopefully. InsyaAllah...

So, this time payday, i really want a set of cookware. I long to eat food that I cooked myself. Living on the island was so much fun. No need to worries of where you going to have dinner tonight. There's always a place. But thing that worries me is who going to go out with me? Hmmm... Alhamdulillah. Friends are friendly here and so much caring and loving. I think I'm going to do well. 

I just need to focus on my work as I think lately I had been so much incompetent...Guilty and sorry.

And last but not least...I pray that everything will go clear and smooth. And I keep reminding myself "you can't alway get what you want". I am super stubborn. I want something which I cannot have. Not good. Real bad...=(

Oh...I got myself two Kopi and Susu. Kopi coz it was a black female cat, and Susu coz it was white female cat. And their both is really comot. So I kind of busy cleaning their room with so much poo in the litter box and sometime out from the box. Cats are just comot. But the real thing is cats are the most clean animal on the planet. They clean themselves.